Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I make amendment change trip after booking is made?

    Any amendment to the booking itinerary is subject to approval and may incur additional charges for the detour. Kindly contact our customer service for assistance.

  2. What do I need to do after booking?

    Kindly inform all passengers to arrive at designated pickup point on time. All passengers to bring proper identification document (IC or Passports) and valid travel authority.

  3. Can I change the vehicle booking date and time?

    Booking made are confirmed and cannot be changed in any circumstances. However, you may contact us to request the change and please be informed that the request is subject to our vehicle partner full discretion and availability of the vehicles.

  4. Can I get a refund for cancellations?

    No cancellation or refund is allowed.

  5. Can I get a quotation of the fare without actually booking the vehicle?

    Yes. You can enter your trip details into the form to generate a quotation without making payment.

  6. Why I am unable to find the my designated destination in the search field?

    Please enter the nearest point of interest to our destination and our tour manager will reconfirm your itinerary prior to the trip.

  7. Can I resell the service as a tour package to the passengers?

    Yes. You can resell our service as individual package or as a whole. However, you are not allowed to use our company name and branded materials.

  8. Do I need to enter all the detailed itinerary of the trip?

    It is advisable to enter all the detailed pickup and drop off points for the trip in order to ensure a smooth journey. Any detours not listed in the itinerary can be requested, however it is up to our vehicle partners sole discretion and may incur additional charges.